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Krautkramer : Demo USLT2000
LapTop PC Based UT unit with UltraLog Spot Weld Software - Demo model

Salesmans Demo Instrument. Only used a dozen or so times. Can be installed in new customer supplied lap-top or in your specified lap-top PC (at cost). Price includes UltraLog software.

The Krautkramer USLT 2000.. is an ultrasonic dialog instrument contained in a normal PC having exceptional ultrasonic features, wide frequency range (0.5 - 20 MHz) and two gates. Presentation of the A-scans on the PC monitor with a quasi-analog A-scan resolution of up to 635 x 400 pixels and a high refresh rate.

Storage of the instrument settings, test results or complete test orders are made in a database.

Operation is made, via a clearly arranged, graphics user-interface under Windows 98, either with the existing PC keyboard, the integrated touchpad (notebook) or via a connected mouse.

Indication of the active function group on the display (switchable). Up to 4 freely selectable measurement values can be displayed in the measurement line, e.g. sound path (wall thickness), projection distance, depth and echo amplitude as a percentage of the screen height or as a dB difference.

Overlay of the active A-scan with a stored result (echo comparison). Recording of the echo dynamic with simultaneous display of the realtime signals. Adjustable signal averaging.

Distance Amplitude Curve (DAC) and DGS curve for all narrow band, single element probes.

Automatic recognition of dialog probes for increased testing reliability and documentation.

Use of the Windows 95/98 function range: Multitasking, Clipboard (buffer storage) and linkage to all other Windows programs, e.g. MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint as well as simple program installation using only CD and disk.

Application Software:

ULT-W UltraLOG, software for spot weld inspection


Calibration ranges
min.: 0 - 2.5 mm; 0 - 0.1" (steel)
max.: 0 - 9700 mm; 0 - 381" (steel)
Sound velocity range
500 - 15000 m/s; 0.02 - 0.59 "/ms
integrated material table
Pulse shift
-10 to 1000 mm (-0.4 to 39 inch)
Probe delay
0 - 999 µs
50 ohms / 500 ohms; 1000 ohms with Dual or Through-Transmission modes
220 pF / 1 nF
Frequency range
0.5 - 20 MHz (-3 dB)
2 narrow band ranges, 1 wide band range and 1 high pass range
Pulse repetition frequency
maximum 1000 Hz, depending on the display range,
continuously adjustable from 8 - 1000 Hz
110 dB,
adjustable in steps of 0.5 / 1 / 2 / 6 / 24 dB
Operating modes
Pulse-Echo, Dual, Through-Transmission
full-wave, positive half-wave, negative half-wave, RF display (up to 150 mm/5.9" steel)
0 - 90 % linear
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USLT2000 + Ultralog

Like new demo unit with pc card, pulser reciever, operation software and UltraLog spot weld sofware


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