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Krautkramer : Reconditioned USD15

We have a number of reconditioned Krautkramer USD-15's ultrasonic flaw detectors available. These high resolution instruments are ideal for immersion testing systems and system requiring slaving multiple instruments. They are also well suited for NDT training and all lab. work.


• 280 Dataset Memory Locations
• 8 Frequency Selections
• High Resolution EL Display
• Selectable PRF to 12 KHz
• 3 Independent Monitor Gates • Video Output
• 40 dB DAC/TCG
• Trigonometric Flaw Location
• Alphanumeric Dataset Naming
• A-Scan Compare Functions
• RF Display Mode With RF Output


Base Instrument :

• 280 Data Set Memory, Including A-Scan Storage
• 8 Frequency Selections Including Broadband (.5-20 MHz Bandpass)
• 3 Bar Display Monitor Gates Plus Interface Echo Gate Start
• 40 dB Dynamic Range Distance Amplitude Correction, Curved Gate
• Bar and Time Corrected Gain
• Digital Distance and Amplitude Measurement to all Gates
• Trigonometric Flaw Location
• Analog Output 0 to 5 Volt (with    Selectable DC Offset) Proportioned to Distance and    Amplitude (Selectable in Each Gate)
• Selectable Pulse Repetition Frequency to12 KHz (in 50 Hz Increments)
• Selectable Pulser Power
• Damping Selectable in Discrete Steps
• RF Display Plus Positive and Negative Halfwaves and Fullwave Selectable High Resolution 320    x 256 Pixel Electroluminescent Display
• RS232 Bi-directional Printer/Computer Interface to 19200 Baud
• Auto Recognition 90 Volt to 220 V 50/60 Cycle AC Operation
• Integral Charger for UD160 Battery Pack
• Master Slave Operation
• Externally Clockable
• Single 37 Pin Output Connector for all Gate & Timing Signals (Custom Output Connection    Cables Available)*
• Composite Video Output (60 Hz NTSC and 50 Hz PAL)
• Oscilloscope Compatible RF Output
• High Speed Data PC Link (Requires Optional Computer Card)
• Operating Manual
• Certificate of Conformity
• Power Cord

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USD-15 UT Flaw Detector


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