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Tokyo Keiki : SonoChecker SM3R
Portable Flaw Imager
Portable Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Imager
“SonoChecker” SM-3R
The SonoChecker ultrasonic digital flaw imager is specially designed for non-destructive inspection of rails used in railways. The Sono Checker comes with three types of transducers (probes) which can be selected according to the type of inspection to be performed. Designed for ease of use, even by personnel with no specialized training, the SonoChecker provides clear, LCD color displays of flaws detected inside of rails. Light weight and compact, the SonoChecker can be easily handled and operated with one hand.

The SM-3R SonoChecker is the successor to our popular SM-2R imager with added features for improved convenience and ease of use. These include:

  •  Greatly expanded number of storable flaw images
    • the SM-2R. The unit’s USB connection allows simple uploading of images and other data to PC’s.
  • Simple adjustment
    • Inspection range parameters are automatically adjusted according the probe selected.
  • Cross-sectional images
    • The SonoChecker provides B-scan imaging as standard equipment in addition to the A-scan function.The unit’s four-color display provides instant visual images of flaws as well as indications of flawsize.
  • Long operating time
    • Rechargeable batteries provide 4 hours of continuous operation.
  • One hand, one push!!
    • Compact and light weight, flaw detection with the SonoChecker can be carried out with one hand with a simple push of a button.

A-scan and B-scan modes

The A-scan mode refers to a display format where the horizontal axis represents position depth (or time) and the vertical axis represents the echo amplitude of a point inside of the material.

The SonoChecker provides sensitivity adjustments and echo monitoring functions.

The B-scan mode refers to a display format which presents a two-dimensional, cross-sectional view of the interior of the material where the horizontal axis represents position of the flaw, the vertical axisdepicts the depth (or time) distance, and the echo level is represented by brightness of the display (by color with the SonoChecker).

With the SonoChecker, the B-scan image is created by moving (“scanning”) the probe.

The SonoChecker provides both A-scan and B-scan display modes as standard and the mode can be selected to match the application.

Function and Operation

Power source
The SonoChecker is powered by an internal nickel hydride battery which is recharged prior to use. A single recharging provides 4 hours of continuous operation.

Probes (transducers)
The SonoChecker can be used with 0°, 45°, 70° probes and can be switched to the “ECHO” or “THRU” modes according to the probe type. The probes used with the optional FG-50/-100 “Transverse fissure measurement device” fixture can also be used with the SonoChecker



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