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NDT : CIT CR Test Phantom
Radiographic System Qualification



The need for Quality Control is emphasised throughout any production system. Measurement and traceability ofequipment performance, and assurance of repeatability and accuracy, are paramount in establishing correctworking practices. Checking the performance of a Radiographic System for Quality Assurance purposes has historically been an arduous task, with differing standards and multiple test gauges and exposures.

CIT’s CR Test Phantom incorporates the required test elements into a Single simple-to-use unit, allowing the evaluation of Computed Radiography (CR) systems for industrial radiography in accordance with ASTM and ENInternational Radiographic Testing standards as well as monitoring the quality of the chosen system
The regular use of the CR Test Phantom will assure the long-term stability-performance measurements of the CR system over the life-cycle of the devices


There are several factors affecting the quality of a CR image, including the spatial resolution of the IP system, geometrical unsharpness, scatter and contrast sensitivity (signal/noise ratio). There are several additional factors (for example scanning parameters) that affect the accurate reading of displayed digital images
The CR Phantom provides the quality indicators for measuring of:

  • Shading
  • Spatial resolution
  • Central beam alignment
  • Converging Gauge - 20Lp/M
  • Radiograph Set-Up Unsharpness
  • MTF
  • Jitter
  • Linearity
  • Slipping
  • Contrast Sensitivity

CIT CR Phantom comes in two sizes:. 8” x 10” and 14” x 17”

The CIT Test Phantom is designed to fully comply with the requirements of:

  • ASTM E2445-05 Appendix X1,
  • EN 14784-1:2005.
  • ASTM E2002 / EN462-5
  • ASTM 1647-98a

Includes the following calibration devices

  • T-Target for laser jitter test and MTF Measurements
  • Duplex wire IQI according to EN 462-5
  • Central Beam alignment (BAM Snail)
  • Converging line pair quality indicator (20lp/mm)
  • EL, EC, ER Measuring points Cassette positioning locator
  • Homogeneous strip
  • Lucite plate for shading correction 
  • Inch/cm ruler for linearity check
  • Contrast sensitivity quality indicator


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CR/DR Phantom 14 x 17

14 x 17 Phantom Kit in Carrying Case


Please email us or
call 1-800-635-9108 or 913-432-7080
for current pricing.

CR/DR Phantom 8 x 10

8 x 10 Phantom Kit in Carrying Case


Please email us or
call 1-800-635-9108 or 913-432-7080
for current pricing.

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