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Vidisco : RayzorXPro


  • 100% Portable: Thinnest Digital Imager in the World!
  • Fully Battery Operated, Built in Wireless!
  • Best Image Quality Available!
  • Immediate Images at a Click of a Button!
  • Suitable for High Energy Applications!
Vidisco’s portable RayzorXPro enables fast setup under any conditions, at any location – either on site, outdoors or in the laboratory.

With the super thin RayzorXPro imager and integrated wireless options, you can conduct X-ray inspections anywhere, without cables. Highest quality, razor sharp images are created with a click of a button and analysis can be conducted on your laptop immediately, in situ.

The RayzorXPro Digital Detector Array (DDA) provides the best image quality allowing for the highest detection level in the market.

Fast image generation, proprietary software, enhancement analysis tools and efficient operation dramatically speed inspection, increasing NDT profitability.

Digital Radiography (DR) is the most advanced X-ray technology available. Vidisco continues to be the innovation leader in X-ray inspection. 

  • Smart ICU
  • Rock solid & reliable
  • Powerful CPU: Fastest data transmission
  • Built in super fast wireless data transfer (proprietary sequence)
  • Built in wireless X-ray
  • Charging during AC operation
  • Digital display
  • All weather design
  • Tripod mountable
  • Modular Design: Easy setup, dual use, in the lab or field. Compatible with portable Pulsed, Constant Potential and High Frequency X-ray sources, as well as Isotopes.
  • Top Image Quality: 14 bit dynamic range (16,384 Grey levels) and 3.5 lp/mm resolution.
  • Minimal Electronic Noise: Excellent Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) and lowest internal scattering.
  • Image on Screen within Seconds! No repositioning, results shown immediately. No developing! No scanning! No chemicals!
  • Best ROI in the Market! Efficient operation increases NDT profitability and operator safety. Exposure times dramatically shortened, plant disruption minimized! Images available immediately for on-site analysis, and stored in database for future review & monitoring.
  • Wireless Solutions: Built in fast wireless 200m. Special 750m long range package and High powered wireless up to 1500m (line of sight) are also available.
  • Wireless X-ray: Operation with Pulsed X-ray sources and selected CP sources.
  • Advanced Software: Easy to repeat testing procedures, 800% zoom and other proprietary algorithms. User friendly operation.
  • Automatic, Precise Wall Thickness and Defect Measurement Tools.
  • Complies with Current Industry Standards.
  • 100% Battery Operation: Over 5 hours of continuous work on site. Charging while working on external (AC) power, display of battery status.
  • Protective Cover: Lightweight, especially designed for field use.
  • Plug & Play: One platform also operates the FlashXPro large area imager and previous generation panels; easily interchangeable.
  • Fastest & Safest: One approach, images in just one click!


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