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Digital Research & Development : Radiation Safety Training
Radiation Safety Training

Radiation Safety Training

The Radiation Safety Program is over 800 pages in length and includes over 250 pictures and diagrams video and text audio. At the end of each chapter, a practice quiz is included. If the incorrect answer is selected, the program automatically links the student to the proper page for review. The final exam consists of 20 200 questions from the entire program. which will allow a review of all incorrect answers.


  • Chpt 1 History, Properties, Isotopes

  • Chpt 2 Radiation and Biological Effects

  • Chpt 3 Radiation Materials

  • Chpt 4 Radiation Detection Devices

  • Chpt 5 Dose, Time, Distance, Shielding

  • Chpt 6 Inverse Square Law

  • Chpt 7 X-ray Machines and Safety

  • Chpt 8 Radiographic Cameras

  • Chpt 9 Records, Boundaries, ALARA

  • Chpt 10 State & Federal Regulations

  • Chpt 11 Storage & Shipment

  • Chpt 12 Emergency Procedures

  • Chpt 13 Incidents & Enforcement

  • Chpt 14 Practice Calculations

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Radiation Safety Training

Radiation Safety Training Training CD


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