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Accent Industrial : Ultrasonic Inspection Tutor
USI Tutor

USITutorTM for Windows, Version 1.0, Don E. Bray, 2003.


Dynamic graphics, interactive parameter selection and video with oral commentary and photos are used in this new version to provide a thorough instructional experience to supplement classroom or self-paced study. This Windows based tutorial program is based on the popular MS-DOS version of the same name.

Topics covered include normal and angle beam pulse echo inspection as well as the operation of a typical flaw detector. Additional topics are pulse excitation, flaw echoes, A-scan and rectified and RF displays, and calibration. Longitudinal and shear waves, probe characteristics, pulse distortion, Snell's law, critical angles and the echo envelope are described.

Selections made by the operator include probe frequency and diameter as well as a variety of materials. Elastic waves are covered from excitation to wave motion descriptions for longitudinal and shear waves. Pulse formation is described, as well as more complete explanations of pulse distortion and frequency analysis.

Interactive demonstrations of beam divergence and pulse echo inspection are included for both normal beam and angle beam inspection. Suggested exercises related to the material are included.

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User Manual

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User Comments

"I received the copy of USITutor in March and have found it very useful. I have an LED projector connected to my computer. I have used the program to demonstrate ultrasonic principles to my students. It is a valuable and effective aid when explaining the physics of ultrasound."

- Bruce Crouse
Cowley Community College, Kansas

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