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James Instruments, Inc. : Bond Test
Overlay bond strength in construction materials

Measures the anchor strength and bond strength between two material layers.

The 007 Bond Tester involves bonding a circular steel disc to the surface with an epoxy resin adhesive. After a core is cut around the disc and through the two material interfaces, a controlled tensile force is applied. Verification of the bonding force between the two adhesive layers can then be determined or the test can be carried out to failure to determine if the bond strength is greater than that of the existing materials.

The 007 James Bond test has been successfully applied to verify the quality of existing materials, determine the bond strength of shotcrete and other repair materials, as well as to determine the bond strength of epoxies and other coatings.

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James Bond Tester, includes 10 - 2 Discs and 10 - 3 Discs, system does not include epoxy.


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