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Coating Gauges >> Zn/Fe Coating Thickness
Oxford/CMI : CMI 243
Hand Held Coating Thickness Gauges


Coating thickness measurement for conductive coatings

  • Conductive coatings over conductive substrates
  • Measure metallic coatings on ferrous substrates,
  • Non-conductive coatings over nonmagnetic substrates
  • Conductive coatings on nonconductive substrates (ECP-m Eddy Current Probes)
  • Zn, Cd, Cr, Ni, Cu on Steel,
  • Organic, Paint & Powder Coats on Al, Anodize on Al etc.

The system is specially designed to handle the needs of platers, coaters, and quality professionals. The standard package consists of a control unit, an ECP-m eddy current probe and a set of Zn on Steel NIST traceable calibration standards. The ECP-m probe is specifically tailored for metallic coatings on metallic substrates such as Zn on Steel

Eddy Current: Conforms to ASTM B244 & B259, DIN 50984, ISO 2360 and BS 5411 Part 3

  • Instrument is a is a 16-key handheld device powered by a 9V battery
  • Measurements can be taken in automatic or continuous modes
  • Scanning option compensates for uneven or textured substrate materials, enhancing performance of gauge repeatability and reproducibility
  • Memory capacity for over 12,000 readings accommodates high usage applications
  • Statistical data analysis, mean, standard deviation, high and low reading, Histogram and Cpk available with printer or serial output
  • RS232 PC connectivity


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CMI 243 Eddy current coating thickness measurement instrument specifically designed and user calibrated for fast, precise measurement of electroplated coatings such as Zinc on Steel. Comes with an ECP-M probe, EM1 guide, Zn/Fe (noncyn) standards


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