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DeFelsko : PosiPen


Magnetic pull-off thickness gage measures non-magnetic coatings such as paint, enamel, plating, & hot-dip galvanizing on steel.

PosiPen  can be placed with pin-point accuracy on any location of the part to be measured which other Gages are not able to reach.

PosiPen measures:

- on hot surfaces

- on small surfaces

- in different positions

PosiPen has a very small unique magnet and therefore can measure on extremely small parts, on peaks and valleys.

- PosiPen Model A for measurements on surfaces with normal temperatures

- PosiPen Model B for measurements on surfaces with extreme temperatures (between  -150°F and +450°F or -100°C and +230°C)

- PosiPen Model C  ferrite comparator 

PosiPen A and B have two scales, microns (metric) and mils (inch)

PosiPen - Coating thickness gage for non-destructive measurement of non-magnetic coatings (paint, enamel, plastic, galvanizing, metalizing, plating, & more) on steel






Range:  0.25 to 20 mils (inch)
Tolerance ±10% and 0.1 mil

Range: 5 to 500 microns (metric)
Tolerance ±10% and 2.5 microns

PosiPen A and B are calibrated to NIST calibration standards.

Download Literature:   PosiPen

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PosiPen Coating Thickness Gauge


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