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Elektro Physik : CTM-S Continuous Thickness Measurement Systems
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CTM-S  Continuous Thickness Measurement Systems

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The Measuring Principle

The CTM-S utilizes the magnetic induction principle by incorporating a ferroferromagnetic cylinder over which the web or film passes over. The Active rolling sensor scans over the surface line of the film to perform direct and continuous thickness measurements. What is actually being measured is the interface space, i.e. the distance between the rolling sensor and the cylinder.


The CTM-S systems are designed for simple, fast in-house installation. The complete system mounts on two supports. The measuring cylinder mounts in place of existing


Service and maintenance can be conducted by your in-house, maintenance staff. Mechanical and moving parts are standard components readily available and of course ElektroPhysik stocks all components.


We also offer web-based support to assist with trouble shooting and application support.


Design Flexibility

ElektroPhysik understands not everyone’s requirements are the same and has taken that into consideration in the total design of the CTM-S.


The CTM-S systems start with a basic mechanical one point one sensor at a fixed location. With this you can achieve continuous thickness measurements along with trend displays and reports.


By adding additional measuring sensors (up to three) you can analyze data from multiple locations.


The CTM-S can be further enhanced to include traversing features with programmable measuring points for cross profile information.

And there are many more custom and stock configurations available to tailor the CTM-S system specifically according to your needs. Furthermore, your CTM-S system will never be obsolete, many of the enhancements can be easily retrofitted at a later date.


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