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Coating Gauges >> Dual Coatings on Ferrous and NonFerrous Metals >> Fischer Technology
Fischer Technology : MPO Dualscope
Coating Thickness Gauge

Hand-held coating thickness measurement instrument with two large, easy to read backlit displays.
Integrated probe measures non-magnetic coatings like paint and enamel applied to ferrous substrates
such as steel or iron using the magnetic induction method as well as non-conductive coatings applied to
non-ferrous substrates such aluminum, stainless steel, copper or brass using the eddy current method.
Measurement range 0 - 80 mils (0 - 2500 μm). Conforms to ASTM D7091, B499, DIN EN ISO 2178, 2360,
BS 3900 – C5 and others.

• Memory up to 1000 measurements
• Hard metal wear resistant probe
• Scroll through previous readings
• Continuous measurement scan of surface
• Fast - 70 readings per minute
• Statistical functions ideal for SSPC PA2 and other specifications
• Normalization and adjustment capabilities
• Compact, easy to use, and rugged
• Repeatable and precise
• Conductivity compensation for measurements on non-ferrous substrates
• Factory reset option

Price includes: Certificate of calibration, carrying case, 2 AA batteries, Fe base, Al base, certified
calibration foil, lanyard and manual.

 Offered for sale in the: USA, Canada and Mexico only.

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Dualscope MP0

 Dualscope MP0 Kit


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