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Holiday Detectors >> Pulsed DC Porosity Detectors
PCWI : P20, P40
Compact Pulse Porosity Detectors

PCWI Compact Pulse Detector

 PCWI Compact Pulse Porosity Detector. This Holiday Detector is fully adjustable, has regulated 'pulsed' output up to 20kV, 40kV. All pulse models can be used for porosity and holiday testing of carbon impregnated coatings such as carbonated rubber, thick coatings such as rubber linings and on ‘plastic’/fibreglass type coatings likely to become electrostatically charged.

The Pulse 20kV & 40kV models are ideal for use in moist conditions, on wet and contaminated coating surfaces.

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P20 Industrial Kit

P20 20KV Pulsed Industrial Kit



P20 Pipeline Kit

P20 20KV Pulsed Pipeline Kit



P40 Industrial Kit

P40 40KV Pulsed Industrial Kit



P40 Pipeline Kit

P40 40KV Pulsed Pipeline Kit



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