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Holiday Detectors >> Wet Sponge Kits
PCWI : Thin Film Pin Hole Detector
Wet Sponge Method
PCWI Compact Wet Sponge Tester.

This Holiday detector uses the low voltage wet sponge method to detect pinholes in coatings. Models available: 9, 67,5 and 90 volt Selectable and 67.5 volt fixed.

Large sponge head & telescopic handle which extends to 1.2m.
We highly recommend high voltage holiday and porosity testing in lieu of wet sponge testing when working with coatings over 150µm, or coatings in corrosive environments. Complies with the requirements of AS3894.2-2002 (Wet Sponge Testing). CE Compliant. Proudly manufactured in Australia

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Wet Sponge Kit

Thin Film Pinhole (Wet Sponge), 9, 67.5 & 90 volt (Selectable)


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