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Russell Technologies : I-Pit Probe
I-Pit Internal Pipe Probe

The I-PIT System represents a new technological breakthrough for the rapid inspection of pipelines for internal and external flaws; and is especially designed for pit detection and sizing.

A typical I-PIT tool is shown to the left, just after inspection of a 6" (150mm), 0.284" (7.1mm) wall thickness, seamless pipeline. The internal deposits of wax, oil and sand do not affect the detection of pits in the line.

In fact, the I-PIT tools have a tolerance of 0.250" (6.3mm) to allow passage of the tool past weld roots, dents and internal deposits.

I-PIT tools are introduced to the pipeline at a cut end and can be pushed by hand or air pressure to the target distance.

They are then winched back using a simple hand or electric-winch.

Inspection speed is 33'/min (10m/min), and data are displayed immediately following the inspection, on a portable computer.

Data analysis is semi-automatic and a report is created as the analysis is being performed. Depending on the line condition, analysis and reporting can be done in the field, but is usually done the next day, off-site, to reduce labor costs.

The multi-channel I-PIT tools inspect 360 degrees of the pipe and display the data as color map, strip-chart log and voltage plane.

Unlike MFL tools, I-PIT tools contain no magnets, so they can be pushed with relative ease for up to 330' (100m) each way from an access point. The data to the right shows two pits located at 6 o' clock in a gas pipeline.

PIT Applications:

After a pipeline failure: check 100m each side of the repair for more corrosion damage.
Check an old or abandoned line before re-commissioning it
Pipelines from 2" (50mm) to 8" (200mm) diameter, in wall thickness to 0.375" (9.5mm)

For more information see: I-PIT

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I-Pit Probe


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