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Gauges - Weld & Pitting
WikiScan : - Laser Weld Gauge
The Wiki-SCAN welding inspection system is designed to be used in the field to improve the reliability and speed of inspections in manufacturing industries.


  • Very user friendly thanks to its integrated video and alignment functions: point, shoot and measure
  • Compares the measurements against set tolerance limits
  • Takes picture of the joint and/or weld for documentation
  • Zoom allows observation and measure of porosity, cracks and spatter
  • Stores up to 16GB of inspection results
  • Attaches voice and written comments to the inspection record
  • Illuminates the weld area for easier weld observation
  • Exports results to spreadsheet for additional analysis like SPC
  • Any weld inspector will be proficient with the Wiki-SCAN within minutes;
  • Real time viewing for rapid evaluation of a joint or a weld
  • The weld inspection record can be sent through Wi-Fi to anywhere in the world
  • Fatigue critical features such as toe angle, undercut, and cracks can be quickly measured
  • Over welding can be quantified so excessive welding time, consumable and energy usage can be reduced thus saving money
  • Can inspect any weld the operator’s hand can reach
  • Quality assessment
  • Go/NoGo status
  • SPC data
  • Welder skill assessment
  • Permanent record (photo, file, report & database)

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WiKi-Scan System Package

WiKi-Scan System Package

WiKi-Scan Wireless Weld Inspection System
2x WiKi-Scan Battery 21Wh
WiKi-Scan Battery Charger
WiKi-Scan Verification Block
WiKi-Scan Earphones
USB Cable
Carrying Case
Manual and Software on USB Key


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