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Polygon : ETIP-X300-D
PolyProbe ETIP X300-D

PolyTest e-TIP X-300D Portable Leeb type Hardness Tester

e-TIP-X 300 Leeb Hardness Tester is a small, light and portable tester. It is most suitable for testing of heavy, big or remotely located metal parts. It conforms to the Standard ASTM A956-02 & DIN 50156.

The e-TIP X-300 can be used with e-TIP probes type D, DC, DL, D+15, C, or G.


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EPX300 Portable Hardness Tester, Mini thermal printer with IrDA (Wireless); 3 AAA batteries; D-Probe, probe cable, D-Test Block, Mini-printer, Charger, Large and Small Support Rings and Cleaning Brush 


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