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Met-L-Chek : FLP-1 Fluorescent Through Leak Concentrate
FLP-1 Fluorescent Water Based Leaker Penetrant Concentrate

- Met-L-Chek FLP-1 is a water based, fluorescent dye penetrant concentrate, designed for through leak testing and general metal working crack detection. It is a biodegradable penetrant being free of solvents, and oils.

- It is low in Sulfur, Chlorine, and other Halogens. It is used on plastics that may be attacked by more traditional inspection penetrants. Being a water based penetrant it may be diluted with water to fit the inspection needs.

- The most common dilutions are 1:1 and 3:1 water to FLP-1, but each user can tailor the fluorescent color intensity to their specific needs.

- For through leak testing or to enhance hydrostatic leak detection dilutions of 1000:1 have been used successfully.

- The use of a developer such as D-70 will enhance flaw detection.

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