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Exacto Machine : Bridge Type Pit Gauge
Allows you to easily measure surface pitting depth and plot corrosion profile
Digital pit depth measurement with ease, accuracy & repeatability

It's the pits. Getting accurate pit depths and corrosion profiles can sometimes be a problem. Measuring on rounded surfaces or upside down could yield unreliable results. Digital pit depth gauges from Exacto Machine & Tool are the answer. The gauges are designed for easy use, accuracy, and repeatability. The PGD 1200 includes a 12" bridge (PGD 1800 - 18") to effectively span the pit to be assessed. Corrosion profiles can be plotted quickly and accurately by moving the dial indicator along the bridging bar. Notched feet prevent the bridge from rocking on a rounded surface. Ceramic magnets securely hold the gauge in place, a definite bonus when working upside-down. The left-handed scale measures increasing depth as the tip drops into the pit. A locking adjustment screw allows instant calibration to a reference surface. Thumbscrews facilitate one-handed operation.

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Digital Gauge with 12" and 18" Bridging Bars, 4" Mini Bar, and Case




Digital Gauge with 12" and 18" Bridging Bars and Case




Digital Gauge with 12" Bridging Bar and Case



4" Mini Bar

4" Mini Bar



12" Bridging Bar

12" Bridging Bar



18" Bridging Bar

18" Bridging Bar



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