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Quickshot XRF : Precious Metal Evaluation
Precious Metal Evaluation

Precious Metal Testing Applications with XRF Analyzers

X-ray fluorescence was developed as a thickness measurement tool; however, in recent decades the variety of applications that it provides an economical solution for has grown steadily. One use of XRF that has gained substantial interest is its ability to accurately and nondestructively detect precious metals content in a variety of samples.

Gold Content or Full Precious Metal Content
Some very popular desktop instruments for precious metal analysis require Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) to cool their detection systems. However, LN2 is a hassle for the user and an added expense. Because of that, Quickshot XRF has developed our gold tester and precious metal analyzer so that they do not require LN2 but still provide excellent performance. Also, the software packages have been developed specifically for precious metal analysis; making for easy navigation and report generation as required by users that don't have a technical background.

Easy-use precious metal software is best seen in the QSX-295T ; a unit that Quickshot XRF developed to provide full precious metal analysis. The software highlights all the information a user will require on one screen including the measurement time, screen shot of sample, critical instrument data, in-process results and more. The QSX-295T can identify the gold karat in as fast as five seconds and provides the full precious metal content information in 30-300 seconds (user decides).

While the software design makes for ease of use, the QSX-295T detection system allows it to properly separate peaks of all precious metals and provide accurate information on the content of each as required. The
QSX-79T , however, uses a proportional counter detection system, which can not always separate peaks other than gold and because of this, it is most popular for when an organization only needs gold content information .   Both systems provide a color camera system for the easiest sample alingment and sample viewing.

For the points noted above, typically it is refiners or very serious buy-back organizations that prefer the QSX-295T . Locations that are buying back jewelry primarily for the gold content will typically consider the more specialized QSX-79T because of its low cost.

Handheld XRF Helps Expand the Technology…
With the development of portable x-ray fluorescence systems, XRF has grown into a solution for on-site precious metal testing needs. Many recyclers use
portable XRF systems for on-site analysis of scrap materials for accurate precious metal content information and it certainly has a place in mining related testing as the Quickshot XRF handheld system is used by several locations in Africa for the mining of precious metals.

While portable XRF has expanded the industries that use the technology for precious metal content, it is also used by jewelry buy-back companies that travel or buy from a number of locations. Quickshot XRF is one of the few companies that can offer both desktop and portable precious metal analyzers. 



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