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REI : Radiographic Film Interpretation of Weldments
Students receive a practical and systematic approach to film interpretation in this comprehensive instructional slide program.

The program provides general information on materials, joints, welding processes, radiographic techniques, codes and standards; descriptions of false indications and general discontinuities; and discussions of specific welding process discontinuities for SAW, SMAW, GTAW, FCAW, and SMAW welding processes.

The training materials can be used as an independent training program or integrated into an existing radiographic program. This program may be presented in 8 to 30 hours of instruction, depending on the instructor's specific needs.

The Instructor program includes a 130 page manual with 64 illustrations,5 exams, lecture notes, and detailed information on the slides; 175 slides of radiographs and 21 slides of illustrations, in three carousel trays; and 42 frame mounted transparencies in a binder. The Student Workbook is 85 pages with 64 illustrations, and contains information and illustrations that will be useful for reference at the job site after the course is completed.

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Instructors Package

Radiographic Film Interpretation, Instructors Package



Student Workbook

Radiographic Film Interpretation, Student Workbook



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