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REI : Radiation Safety Training
Radiation Safety Training
This program provides an excellent tool for establishing or improving an existing radiation safety training program. It follows the Nuclear Regulatory Commissions' 10 CFR 34 Appendix A training outline, and encompasses areas considered to be essential to radiation safety by the NRC and all agreement states.

Part I covers the origin of radiation, radiation measurement and control of radiation dose. A combination of media; text, videotape, overhead transparencies, instructor manual and student workbook - provide a comprehensive approach to this important area of training.

Course Outline: Introduction to Radiation; Characteristics of Radiation, Ionization, and Industrial Sources; Units of Radiation Measurement and Dose; Hazards of Radiation and Biological Effects; Methods of Controlling Radiation Dose.

The Instructor Package contains two video tapes, 60 transparencies, and Instructor Manual, examinations and an NRC textbook. The five lessons are each 2 to 3 hours long. The Student Workbook contains the reading assignments, examinations, a glossary of terms, and a hard copy of the overhead transparencies. A Preview Package contains one lesson from the Instruction manual, a sample transparency, and videotape excerpts from several lessons.

A comprehensive cross-reference to the Nuclear Regulatory Commissions'10 CFR 34 Appendix A training outline is available.

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Instructor Package

Radiation Safety Training, Part 1. Instructors Package (1994 update included)



Student Workbook

Radiation Safety Training, Part 1, Student Workbook



Instructors Package

Radiation Safety Training, Part2 - Instructors Package



Student Workbook

Radiation Safety Training, Student Workbook



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