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Rotex : Rotex Ultra Combo Models
Electrolytic silver recovery unit and tailing canister.

Rotex Ultra A4 Silver Recovery System.     

ULTRA-A Automatic Silver Recovery Systems

  • Low Cost
  • Low Power Consumption
  • One Year Warranty
  • Compact, Space-Saving Size
  • Over 31,000 Sold World Wide

The Rotex Ultra-A series silver recovery units are available in 3 sizes or models. All three are intended for use for either batch or continuous-flow operation. They are designed to electrolytically remove dissolved silver from thiosulfate solutions -- both sodium thiosulfate as well as ammonia thiosulfate -- common to photographic fixer baths such as:

  • X-ray (radiographic)
  • Graphics Arts films including 'Lith'
  • Cinemagraphic (cine or movie)
  • Typesetting papers
  • Color films such as C-41
  • Microfilm
  • Black & White films and papers

Rotex Ultra-A units are not intended to remove silver from solutions containing developers or bleaches such as found in E-6 color slide fix, dichromate found in full reversal microfilm or color print paper chemistries RA4, R3 or EP-2.


Adjustable Plating Current:
Rotex Ultra-A series silver recovery units have a "state of the art" automatic plating current control to adjust the plating in direct response to the concentration of silver in the fixer solution. As the silver is depleted from the solution the plating current will gradually reduce to zero. When an increase of silver is detected the plating current will rise. The controller automatically monitors the silver concentration on a 6 minute cycle.
Rotating Cathode:
Rotex Ultra-A silver recovery units feature a motordriven cathode to continuously renew the silver ion in the liquid contacting the cathode, also called the cathode 'junction'. Without agitation of the solution the juncton would be quickly depleted of its silver ions and undesirable chemical reactions would occur. The rotating cathode allows for a compact machine and was pioneered, patented and became the basis of the name 'Rotex'.

Direct Drive:
Rotex Ultra-A silver recovery units use direct-drive gearmotors without belts, gears, drivers, bushings or other components which require service or replacement. The gearmotor shaft is sealed so that fumes from the fixer will not enter the electrical enclosure.

Power Supply:
The power supply features a center-tapped transformer that is wound for low impedance and cool, efficient operation. The plating current is rectified from AC (alternating current) to DC(direct curent) by a full way center tap bridge rectifier that operates more efficiently (makes less heat) than other types of rectifiers. The full-wave center tap bridge rectifier is cooled by a fan that also draws fresh air into the power supply enclosure, thus ensuring long life. An ammeter is featured to indicate the plating current in 'Amperes' and a circuit breaker is provided for convenient protection - no fuses to replace ever!


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