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X-Rite : X-Rite 301 Transmission Densitometer
the standard of the industry

The X-Rite 301 Transmission Densitometer is a rugged, tabletop unit that is recognized as the industry standard for accurate measurement of film densities. Features include a LED display, push-button zeroing, and the capability for density comparisons. An optional RS-232 interface enables data transfer to most PCs and some serial printers. This densitometer is ideal for radiographic and other applications.

 Convenient Operation:

- The densitometer is easy to use.  

- Measurements are made on a push and read basis.

- The display consists of large LED numerals which can be read easily in bright or dim light.

- Internal memory and the null button allow the operator to make comparative density measurements across a piece of film.

- Quality features include:

- Lighted Table, simplifies location of image areas to measure

- Simple calibration procedure

- Rugged construction. Proven oil field use.

- The densitometer Will remain in proper alignment even though it is picked up by the arm.

- The Model 301 is U.L. listed and is shipped calibrated to standards traceable to the NBS.

- This is the most widely accepted densitometer for industrial x-ray requirements.

- Easy-to-Read Display: Large half-inch LED numeric display for easy reading and fewer errors.

- Convenient Service; Modular construction allows rapid replacement of lamps and easy access to electronic circuits.

- One Year Limited Warranty (bulb excluded).



- 301X—230V, 50Hz power

- 301RS—RS-232 serial output—300 baud


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X-Rite 301 Densitometer, 110 VAC

X-Rite Model 301 Densitometer Includes: Built-In-Aperture (0.5mm), Warranty Registration, Line Cord


Was: $1,950.00
Now: $1,849.00

X-Rite 301 Densitometer, 220 VAC

X-Rite 301 Densitometer 220 VAC Includes: Built-In-Aperture (0.5mm), Warranty Registration, Line Cord


Was: $1,950.00
Now: $1,849.00

X-Rite 301 Aperture Set

X-Rite 301 Aperture Set (1/2/3mm) 319-40



X-Rite 301 Lamp Assembly

301-21 Lamp Assembly



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