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NDT : 2008 Course Schedule & Descriptions

 NDT training schedule for Jan - June 2008


Test Method Level Days Schedule
Ultrasonic Thickness I 1 Mar 26
Ultrasonic Thickness I & II 2 Mar 26-27
Ultrasonic Flaw Detection I 5 Apr 21-25
Ultrasonic Flaw Detection I & II 5 Mar 3-7
Dye Penetrant I 1 May 27
Dye Penetrant I & II 2 May 27-28
Magnetic Particle I 1 May 13
Magnetic Particle I & II 3 May 13-15
Plant Maintenance* I 3 Mar 18-21



  • All courses meet the training requirements of SNT-TC-1A
  • Dye Penetrant Level I covers visible (red) penetrant testing
  • Magnetic Particle Level I covers the use of Yokes with visible, fluorescent and Black & White techniques
  • Plant Maintenance Course combines Level I Ultrasonics Thickness Gauging, Dye Penetrant and Magnetic Particle

Cancellation policy:

  • Cancellations received less than two weeks prior to the class schedule must pay the full tuition cost and may attend a later scheduled class at no additional cost.
  • Courses that do not meet minimum enrollment requirements will be cancelled two weeks prior to the class schedule.

Course requirements:

  • ASNT SNT-TC-1A requires General, Specific and Practical Exams at course completion with a minimum grade of 70% on any test and a 80% overall average. Students may opt-out of taking these tests and receive a certificate of course attendance.
  • We try very hard to explain each subject in a practical, down-to-earth manner. The subject matter is technical and requires the ability to understand physical principles, read and understand procedures and specifications and write test reports. Some courses such as Ultrasonic Flaw Detection require calculation of test parameters, flaw location, beam geometry, etc., using simple algebra and basic trigonometry.
  • Please do not waste your money and our time by sending students who do not have the educational background and skills required.

Other courses:

Customized, application oriented courses are also available. These include:

  • Ultrasonic Testing of;  Rail, Castings, Rail Car Wheels, Rail Tank Cars, Gas Compressor Bolting, Bond Testing. Ultrasonic Flaw sizing using DGS
  • Magnetic Particle Testing of Rail Car Axles
  • Customized classes can be formatted to your specific requirements. Please call us.

In-house courses:

Courses can  also be held at your facility. Call for rates.

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Ultrasonic Testing Level I Comprehensive




Ultrasonic Testing - Level II Welding Inspection




Ultrasonic Thickness Level 1




Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging Level 1 2




Plant Maintenence NDT




Dye Penetrant Level I & II




Magnetic Particle Level 1 2



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