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Flex-Train Courses

We offer two types of training programs:

Standard SNT-TC-1A Courses & Specialized "FlexTrain" Courses

In-Plant and Scheduled Training

All training programs can be held at your location. This provides ready access to your equipment and applications and allows more people to be trained for less money. (We suggest a maximum of 12 students for graded courses and 24 for seminars).

Standard Courses:

Radiatronics Standard SNT-TC-1A courses are comprehensive in nature. The goal of these courses is to provide a complete training program covering all the topics covered by SNT-TC-1A for the test method and prepare the student for certification as a Level I or Level II Inspector.

We try to explain each subject in practical terms and explain how it applies to actual testing applications.

Hands-on time is stressed to give each student the opportunity to apply each lesson on test pieces and actual flawed specimens.

Upon completion of the course, each student is given general, specific and practical tests as proof that he is prepared for certification. A course completion certificate is issued as well as a letter detailing the results of the tests and final grade.

Specialized FlexTrain™ Courses:


Our FlexTrain™ Inspector Training Programs are designed for the company and individual who wants to learn how to perform a specific nondestructive test for limited applications.

It is for people who do not have the time to take the Standard SNT-TC-1A program or who wants a program that is focused on his applications.

Our FlexTrain™ programs concentrate on the practical. We will teach you how to use your equipment to perform your tests on your application.

We offer our FlexTrain™ students a choice of receiving a "Certificate of Course Attendance" without a written test, or a Certificate of Course Completion with a final grade following the American Society of Nondestructive Testing SNT-TC-1A formula.

All the tests given in our FlexTrain™ programs are open book. There are no surprise questions. Our grading is weighted towards the student’s ability demonstrate that he can set-up his equipment and properly perform the required inspections. Our FlexTrain™ NDT training programs meet the intent of SNT-TC-1A for application limited certification.

We can guarantee that our FlexTrain™ students will be well prepared to get your job done.

Courses offered include:

Ultrasonic Flaw Detection:

- Level I – Comprehensive

- Level II – Welding Inspection

- Level I & II – Testing of Rail And Rail Welds

- Gas Compressor Maintenance

- Casting Inspection

- Silver Braze Bond Testing

- D.G.S. Flaw Sizing and Evaluation

- Rail & Rail Weld Inspection

- Crack Detection in Heavy Equipment

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging:

- Level I - Corrosion

- Level II – Corrosion

- A & B Scan Gauges & Data Recording

- Precision Thickness Gauging

Magnetic Particle Inspection:

- Level I & II Comprehensive

- Rail Axle Inspection

- Yoke Method - Dry Powder

- Pipeline Inspection - IGSCC (Yoke, dry visible, wet visible (black & white) and wet fluorescent methods

Dye Penetrant Inspection:

- Level I & II Comprehensive

- Red Visible Method

Eddy Current Inspection:

- Crack detection

- Metal Sorting

- Conductivity Measurement

Coating Thickness Gauging:

- Coating Thickness Gauging Review Program

- Eddy Current, Magnetic Inductive, X-Ray, Coulometric, Ultrasonic


- Introduction to Film Interpretation of Welds

NDT Method Review:

- Review program covering the fundamentals of all conventional NDT methods and their typical application

Hardness Testing Review:

- Comprehensive Review of Standard and Portable Testing Methods and Equipment

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