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Dakota Ultrasonics : MX-3
MX-3 Gauge with adjustable velocity and scan modes


The MX-3 has adjustable material velocity and a scan mode.


The advantages of this gauge include:

- Precise calibration to your material. Using either a calibration block or a known thickness of your material, simply adjust the reading until they match.

- The "Scan-mode" improves pitting detection. Just turn on the "Scan-mode" and scan your pipe or tank. The instrument will lock-in on the thinnest point scanned.

Dakota offers you just the right model with just the right features at just the right price. Plus the industry's best warranty!


The MX-3 backlit display is easy to read, even in dim light, and the unit operates for up to 200 hours on a single set of batteries.


The MX-3 comes complete, ready to use, with instrument, probe, carrying case, couplant and operation instructions.

The MX-3 is packaged in an all metal case, sealed with gaskets to protect it from harsh working environments.


These gauges can go where you go, to do the work you do, saving you time and money, making fast accurate measurements.

Dakota Ultrasonic's offers quality gauges that are reliable, innovative and competitively priced—all backed by the longest warranty in the business—5 full years.

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MX-3 Kit Includes: Unit, Standard Transducer, Couplant, Manual, Plastic Carrying Case, and AA Batteries.




Carrying Bag



UMX Underwater Enclosure

Take your MX-3 underwater with you for marine inspections. Depth rating to 300'



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