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TecScan : Automated Immersion Scanner
Automated Immersion Scanner
Automated Flaw Detection Immersion Scanner

TecScan’s automate flaw detection immersion scanner is a five axis, lightweight Immersion Scanner designed for laboratory environments and NDT training purposes. Built with Aluminum structures and a ½” Acrylic tank, this scanner is equipped with 2 automated axes (X & Y), a manual Z axis and a manual Gimbal-Gimbal manipulator. The Immersion scanner is specifically intended for laboratory testing and represents an automated extension to any off the shelf flaw detector. The accurate probe displacement provided by the automated X and Y axes along with the fine manual adjustments of water path and probe orientation of the manual Z-axis and Gimbal-Gimbal manipulator enable precise and repetitive probe positioning for flaw detection. With the replacement of manual probe manipulations by encoded automated axis, accurate defect sizing can be performed.

This automated flaw detection immersion scanner consists of the five axis immersion tank, motor drives as well as a workstation unit. The automated axes are controlled by our TecView™ Motion software, which manages axis displacements, scan pattern definition, as well as a Pulse-on-Position option to trigger an external flaw detector.

These immersion scanners are perfectly suited for laboratory testing, inspection procedure development and nondestructive testing training facilities.

Main features:
  • Aluminum square structure with ½” acrylic tank
  • High motion resolution and accuracy
  • Windows® based software: TecView™ Motion
  • High quality encoders and DC servo motors
  • Linear amplifiers that minimize the noise interfering with UT signals
  • Hardware for Pulse on position scanning
  • Home switches for high position repeatability

Typical Scanner Specifications:

Axis Max Speed Accuracy Resolution (per step)
X 8" - 24"/Sec +/-0.0005"/" 0.00008"
Y 6" - 18"/Sec +/-0.0005"/" 0.00008"

*These specifications may vary according to clients requirements.


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