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TecScan : Phased Array Immersion Scanner
Phased Array Immersion Scanner
Phased Array Immersion Scanner

TecScan's advanced Phased Array Ultrasonic Immersion Scanner is designed to meet and exceed the inspection requirements of the aerospace industry. By combining the focusing and multiplexing capabilities of Phased Arrays technology with the accuracy of our immersion scanners, an advanced, complete and powerful ultrasonic inspection solution is created. Whether your application requires rapid coverage of large areas, inspection solutions for complex geometries or increased ultrasonic penetration, TecScan's Phased Array ultrasonic Scanner will meet your challenge.

This turnkey solution consists of one of TecScan's ultrasonic immersion scanners, a Phased Array instrument and probe, as well as TecView™ software suite for motion control and ultrasonic data management and analysis


Main features:
  • Inspection coverage of more than 20 m²/h with 1 mm resolution (up to 40 m²/h)
  • Mono-element (conventional) and Phased Array scanning capabilities
  • Perform inspections using multiple focalization schemes
  • Increased detection probability and flaw identification
  • Multiple C-scan options
  • A-scan and C-scan data storage
  • On and Off-line data analysis
  • Uses the proven TecView™ UT software suite

Typical Scanner Specifications:

Axis Max Speed Accuracy Resolution (per step)
X 8" - 24"/Sec +/-0.0005"/" 0.00008"
Y 6" - 18"/Sec +/-0.0005"/" 0.00008"
Z 6" - 12"/Sec +/-0.0005"/" 0.00008"

*These specifications may vary according to clients requirements.


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