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NDT Supply :  - BDA-301 Transducer
General Purpose Probe
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Part: UT-BT-BDA-301
Was: $325.00
Now: $225.00

The BDA-301 transducer is designed as a replacement transducer for DA-301 type transducers. 

It is specifically tuned for D-Meters. And is a good general purpose transducer for measuring piping, tanks and pressure vessels. 

The BDA-301 can be used in O-1st Echo or Multi-Echo modes.

Whether you are testing 1" (25 mm) diameter thin wall pipe or 4" (100 mm) thick tank shell, the BDA-301 has the resolution and power you need. The BDA-301 has a rugged cast aluminum housing that is easy to hold - even while wearing gloves. The BDA-301 uses our type DM-DM cables and are interchangeable with KBA533 and DA231 type cables..

The BDA-301 has been tested with the following gauges:

- Krautkramer tm: DM-2, DM-3, DM-E, DM-4, DMS and DMS-2 tm in 0-1st Echo Mode

- Krautkramer tm: DM-4, DMS and DMS-2 tm in Multi-Echo Mode


Krautkramer is a trademark of General Electric Inspection Technologies

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