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Blacklights/UV Lamps >> UV & White Light Meters (Radiometers)
NDT Supply : Economical Light Meter

 DT-1308 / Rugged Light Meter with Backlight and Bargraph Display

  • Ft-cd Range: 0 to 40/100/ 4000 fc and 30 kFc
  • Lux Range: 0 to 40/400/ 4000 Lux, and 40/200 kLux
  • Relative Mode Indicates Change in Light Levels
  • Peak Mode Captures Highest Reading
  • Utilizes Precision Photo Diode and Color Correction Filter
  • High Accuracy of ±(5% reading + 0.5%FS)
  • Min/Max and Data Hold
  • Backlight for Readings in Low Light Levels
  • Large LCD Display with Analog Bar graph
  • Includes Delux Padded Zipper Carrying Case, Rugged Rubber Boot Skin Protector and Battery
  • Calibration Certificate
Economical Light Meter

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DT-1308 White Light Meter w/ Cert

White Light Meter DT-1308 with Calibration Certificate


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