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NDT Supply : Gemini UV NDT Inspection Lamp


Best Quality & Value

Battery Powered UV Lamp

Gemini Dual LED UV & White Light Inspection Lamp


The perfect field inspection lamp for Magnetic Particle and Dye Penetrant inspection

The new Gemini UV LED lamp is designed to comfortably fit in your hand and its rugged, shockproof plastic case is very durable.

A pair of extremely bright, Nichia, 365nm UV-A LED’s have over a 5,000 uw/cm2 output.

A white light LED is provided for Visual Inspection.

High quality Nichia LED’s have an expected operating life >10,000 hours


Made in Germany

Gemini - C-Cell Batteries

The Gemini is powered from easily replaceable “C” size batteries.

  • Alkaline or NiCads can be used
  • Unlike many other battery powered UV lamps, with the Gemini lamp you don’t need to stop working while the batteries are being charged, just pop in a spare set of batteries and keep going.
  • The Gemini lamp may also be operated from AC power with
  • 110/220 Volt Power Supply/Battery Charger included.


  • UV true 365nm UV-A +/- 10 nm
  • UV Intensity > 5,000 uw/cm2 
  • 6.4” (160mm) beam diameter at 15” (38cm) over 1,000 uw.cm2
  • White Light emission < 2 ft. candles (20 lux)
  • UV-B = 0

White Light

  • Over 500 ft candles (5,000 lux)


  • Trigger On/OFF
  • Toggle switch: Full Intensity, Half intensity (battery saver mode), Strobe operation
  • Top mounted Push button White Light


  • Weight with batteries < 2 pounds
  • Battery life ~ 5 hours continuous
  • Protection IP-53
  • EM6 Risk Class 2
  • Warranty 2 years



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Gemini LED - UV Inspection Lamp

Gemini LED UV Inspection Lamp - Battery Operated


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