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Blacklights/UV Lamps >> Eye Protection
Spectronics : Protective Eye and Face Wear

- Designed to protect the user against most ultraviolet light sources

- The UVG-50 goggles and UVF-80 face  shield provide maximum protection from exposure to extended or high intensity UV sources

- The UVS-30 spectacles are generally recommended for sporadic, lower intensity UV sources

- The goggles and face shield meet ANSI specification Z87.1 for safety eye wear and OSHA standard 1910.133 for eye and face protection.

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UVG-30 Glasses, UV-Absorbing (CE Approved)




UVG-50 Goggles, UV-Absorbing (CE Approved)




UVF-80 Face Shield, UV-Absorbing (CE Approved)



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