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Magnetic Particle >> Wet Horizontal Testers >> Reconditioned & RetroFits
Scientific Instruments : Mag Retro Fit
Retro Fit

Do you have an old, worn, Magnaflux or other brand magnetic particle tester?

Are you being told that your machine is obsolete and cannot be fixed? A number of leading companies in our business have adopted a sales strategy of "obsoleting" equipment rather than repairing them. In many cases, this is simply B.S. used to sell new machines. We suggest that your find yourself an honest supplier.

We work with a number of companies that can repair, rebuild or provide you with all the components needed to give your old machine many more years of productivity.


Magnetic Particle >> Wet Horizontal Testers >> Reconditioned & RetroFits
Solid State Systems : Atlas
Heavy Duty Mag Unit


Heavy duty magnetic particle tester builts for large crank shafts and similar large shaft-like parts.

  • Heavy duty structural steel tube frame (not angle iron)
  • Solid steel rails (not channels)
  • Rails mounted outboard for added support
  • Overall length 210”, other lengths available
  • Maximum part length 185”
  • Maximum weight > 8,500 pounds
  • Output 10,000 AMPS FWDC, other output amperage, optional AC & HWDC 
  • Built-in reversing DC De-Magnetization
  • Coil with an inside diameter of 36 ½ inches, motorization and other diameters as well as split coils are optional
  • Heavy duty Stainless Steel Tank
  • Fiberglass grills
  • Motorized Tailstock with remote control from pendant
  • A foot pedal operated head/air chuck
  • Digital ammeter
  • Full panels
  • Hinged door on the control panel
  • Hip operated energizing bar as well as pendant operation 
  • Heavy duty steady rests for heavy parts
  • Optional part rotator 
  • 3 Phase, 460 VAC input (other voltages optional) 
Part Rotator  


Magnetic Particle >> Wet Horizontal Testers >> Reconditioned & RetroFits
Solid State Systems : Compact 60-3D Multi-Directional Testers
Compact 60 3-D

Solid State Systems

Compact 60 3-D

Multi-Directional Magnetic Particle Test Systems

designed to fit your parts and your budget

  • Compact size for small and medium size test pieces.
  • 5 foot overall length takes up minimum floor space.
  • Rapid switching of field direction permits detection of longitudinal and transverse cracks in one operation
  • 2-D Units for short parts (up to about 18")
  • 3-D Units for longer parts
Model S-5045JA S-5044JA
Type 3-D  2-D
Magnetizing Fields AC/HWDC/DC AC/HWDC/DC
Magnetizing Amps 4,000 4,000
Demagnetization AC/Rev. DC AC/Rev. DC
Head Opening 32" 32"
Standard Coil 12" -
Tailstock Crank Crank
Overall Length 60" 60"
Depth 37" 37"
Input - phase 3 3
Output - phase 1 1
Input Voltage 220/440 220/440
Frequency 60 Hz 60 Hz
Line Amp Draw 200/100 200/100


1 - 3 of 16