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Protec : OPTIMAX 2010-NDT

Optimax 2010-NDT

Industrial X-Ray Film Processor

Quality, Features and Value

The Optimax 2010-NDT is a fully automatic industrial processor, with a variable speed control that allows precise settings from 90 seconds to 10 minutes.

The Optimax 2010-NDT provides a state-of-the-art digital display for monitoring and control of developer temperature, replenishment, process time, diagnostic messages, and film volume.

The Optimax 2010-NDT is manufactured by Protec in Germany in compliance with DIN ISO 9001:2000, IEC, TUV, CE, CSA, and UL quality standards. Protec is known world-wide for their simple, reliable, serviceable, and affordable x-ray film processors, now available for the NDT market.


Features & Benefits

• Space-saving size of 30" X 23" X 16.5" for table-top use
• Variable speed 90 seconds to 10 minutes
• Energy saving design limits run time to when film is actually being processed
• Water saving design limits water use to when film is actually being processed
• Chemical saving design limits chemical replenishment to when film is being fed into the processor
• Economical, adjustable automatic chemical replenishment
• Anti-oxidation and anti-crystallization programs
• Microprocessor controlled with 2 program memory
• Dual microsensor film feed switch
• Digital display and control for developer temperature, replenishment, process time, diagnostics, and film counter
• Top film feed and top return for convenience
• Economical, adjustable automatic chemical replenishment
• Quality polyurethane rollers for outstanding image quality
• 2 year warranty
• Meets ISO, IEC, CE, TUV, CSA & UL quality standards


Standard Equipment

• Comes complete with everything needed for tabletop processing
• Installation, Operating and Parts Manual
• Spare Parts Kit
• 6.6 gallon (25 liter) replenishment tanks with filtering replenishment straws
• Floating lid
• Water supply hose
• Tubing and hardware



• 220V, 50/60Hz service for export
• Basic or deluxe processor stand
• Silver recovery bucket
• Air cleaner for processor exhaust
• Chemical mixer

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Optimax 2010

Optimax 2010


Please email us or
call 1-800-635-9108 or 913-432-7080
for current pricing.

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Innovative Products : Processing Tanks

Manual NDT Film Processing Tanks
designed for field radiography
Overall dimensions: 23” wide x 40” tall x 45” long
Dimensions 36" High, 45" Wide, 23" deep
  • Tanks are constructed of molded low density polyethylene. Unlike steel tanks, our tanks are seamless and unlike fiberglass,
    will never crack.
  • The frame and belt ribs are constructed of carbon steel. Each piece is powder coated to ensure they remain rust free in a harsh
    chemical environment
  • The drain piping is constructed of 1” schedule 40 p.v.c. and 1/4 turn ball valve.
  • The drain bungs are welded into each cell and will never leak.
Dual belt, adjustable latch and rib system ensure a leak proof seal around each cell.
  • The chemical resistant gasket, hinged lid, belts, lid ribs and latches all work together to create a secure and leak proof system.
  • Each of the 5 cells have a 10 gallon capacity and are 8 inches wide. Wide enough for high volume processing with standard size hangers or roll packs.
  • 4 cell system is available on special order.
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5 Cell Manual Processing Tank


Was: $1,600.00
Now: $1,250.00


4 Cell Manual Processing Tank


Was: $1,400.00
Now: $1,200.00

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Rotex : Rotex Reloadable Steel Wool Cannisters
A low cost easy to use method of removing silver from fixer.


Steel Wool Silver Recovery Canisters Featuring Replaceable Steel Wool Inserts.
How These Canisters Work...

As used fixing solution or wash water passes through the steel wool fibers, the silver ions in solution exchanges with the iron ions in the steel wool. The silver ions combine with sulfur and forms a precipitate that falls to the collection chamber in the bottom of the canister as 'sludge'.

The 'up-flow' design of the Rotex ReLoadable canister allows most of the precipitate to fall freely and not plug up the steel wool. Some of the silver-bearing precipitate is likely to adhere to the steel wool fibers and both the used steel wool and sludge are smelted in a reverberatory furnace to recover the silver. A single pound of steel wool may recover as much as 6 to 9 Troy Ounces of silver in normal operation.

Time of contact between the solution and the steel wool is very important for the exchange to take place. If the solution passes through too quickly some silver will not be trapped. A very high flow may even wash out the sludge. At the recommended flow rates, solution entering the steel wool at 50ppm (parts per million) also defined as 50 mg per litre - will usually give up approximately 95% of its silver and exit the canister well below 5 ppm.

Where environmental protection requires that the solution be stripped to 1 or 2 ppm, a second canister is connected in series to the first. Use a taller model for the secondary canister.

Type C (Coarse Grade) - For use with graphic arts and X-ray fixers with 'Part B' hardeners; color paper bleach-fix and E-6 color slide fix.

Type M (Medium Grade) - For use with other black & white fixers without 'Part B' hardeners; C-41 Fixers and stabilizers; fixers for microfilm and Cine films; wash water.


High-efficiency up-flow design
Peel-off cover for easy refilling
Gasketed cover for transporting
Tubing connectors for both 1/2" and 5/8" i.d. tubing. Tubing connectors for 3/4" i.d. tubing
Recyclable HDPE plastic construction

OPTIONS: By-pass kit
1/2" male pipe thread x 3/8" i.d. tubing adapter to connect to cubetainer hose
Wheeled dolly for size -24
Fill pails FP2, FP5 & FP6 for batch filling

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