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NDT International, Inc. : Magnetic Crawler Tank Inspection System
Magnetic Crawler Tank Inspection System
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Price: $19,750.00

MARK IV-B Magnetic Wheeled Crawler Inspection System

Offers a complete, portable AC powered, inspection and data recording system for ultrasonic thickness measurement of steel storage tanks, piping and other steel structures which are not easily accessible by normal methods,

The magnetic wheeled, steerable crawler vehicle is powered by two 12 VDC gear motors and carries a spring-loaded ultrasonic transducer and water line.

The operator can make a nearly continuous scan of a tank, top to bottom, from the ground through use of the crawler.    Information gathered in this manner can be used to determine the probability of corrosion and pitting in an entire vessel. 

The system is comprised of:

- Mark IV-B crawler vehicle

- StressTel T-Scope III digital ultrasonic thickness gauge with a large LCD A-Scan and digital thickness display, data storage, recording and transfer software, PC interface cable,

- 100 ft. long cable assembly

- AC and DC powered Crawler Control Module.  

- The system includes NDT's CrawlerWare timed data recording interface for use with the Gridware 2000 software provided with the gauge.

Systems - NDT Inspection >> MFL
NDT : Guide to Nodularity Testing
Velocity Measuring Products

Ultrasonic testing has been used for many years to sort ductile (nodular) iron castings for proper nodularity based on sound velocity measurements.

There are currently a number of products that we can provide based on your application and budget requirements. 

Please review the below short descriptions and call us to discuss your application details and pricing. 

Dakota VX


  • Manually enter material thickness
  • Couple probe to material
  • Read velocity value
If material is consistent thickness - measurements in 1 second
If material is variable thickness - measurements in 1 minute

Karl Deutsh Nodularity Meter 1075


  • Measure with vernier caliper
  • Measure with probe
  • Velocity displayed with Hi/Lo
Measurements in 5-10 seconds
  • Data Processing Available

Sonotest-Atlantic Autoscan 2500L



  • Enter material thickness
  • Measure with probe
  • Velocity displayed with Hi/Lo
  • Dry Coupling
  • Suitable for manual or in-line spot testing of components of known thickness.
  • Direct reading of acoustic velocity
  • Alarm and value analog outputs allow integration into a variety of inline systems for automatic control in different modes.
Measurement time 1-2 seconds

Sonotron Isonic 2005 Nodularity


  • Measure with probe tipped vernier caliper
  • Pulse Echo or Thru-Transmission Modes available 
  • Signal quality displayed with
    velocity and go/no go alarm
  • Data processing capabilities
Measurements in 1-2 seconds

American NDT Nodularity System


  • Insert part in the in-tank guide
  • Part thickness and nodularity are measured untrasonically
  • Machine evaluates velocity and if acceptable a Green Light and the part is stamped.
  •  If Bad a Red Light and the part is not stamped.

Manual Load/Unload 

Typical production rate is 600 parts per hour.

  American NDT Kicker Nodularity System



  • Insert part in the in-tank guide
  • Part thickness and nodularity are measured untrasonically
  • Machine evaluates velocity and if acceptable a Green Light and the part is stamped.
  • If Bad a Red Light and the part is not stamped.
  • Manual Load
  • Automatic Unload into Good/Bad baskets.
Typical production rate is 900-1200 parts per hour.



Systems - NDT Inspection >> MFL
Sonotron : ISONIC
Isonic - Portable Ultrasonic Imaging System
Smallest Size and Lightest Weight Ultrasonic Testing and Imaging Unit in the World

- A-,B-,C-,D-Scan and TOFD

- Mechanics-Free

- Weld Inspection

- Corrosion Mapping

- Inspection of Composites

- Mapping of Coatings

- Guided Waves Long Range Inspection and Imaging of Large Inaccessible Areas

- 3-D Data Presentation

- Comprehensive Postprocessing and Inspection Report

- Battery Operation

For more information, please see: ISONIC

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Isonic 2001


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