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Coating Gauge

For the best coating gauge around go to NDT Supply.  We carry a complete line of coating gauges to fit your measuring needs including a simple and inexpensive coating gauge that requires no batteries, needs no calibration and can be used at any angle.

The coating gauge has been designed to measure galvanized chrome, paint, rubber and plastic coatings on steel. Our most popular coating gauge market is our DUALSCOPE® MP20 coating gauge.  This coating gauge is a competitively priced instrument that offers both magnetic induction, and eddy current test methods. The DUALSCOPE® MP20 IS rated in the top five in the consumer reports.

The DUALSCOPE® MP20 coating gauge is also equipped with a magnetic probe such as the EGA1.3.  The EGA1.3 will measure non-ferrous metal coatings such as zinc, chromium or copper and non-conductive coatings such as paint, enamel or plastic coatings on steel and iron.

Here at NDT Supply we continually develop and bring to you new products to ensure customer satisfaction.  Our coating gauges are just another example of how we value our customer’s input and opinions. 

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