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Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Courses
UT-I Ultrasonic Testing - Comprehensive
  Comprehensive introductory program in ultrasonic testing. Recommended for engineers and technicians who want a good understanding of the principles and applications of ultrasonic testing. Introduction to welding, casting, forging, bond testing, etc. Fully complies with the requirements for SNT-TC-1A. 40 hours.
UT-II Ultrasonic Weld Inspection
  This level II Ultrasonic testing program focuses on welding inspection and the requirements of the AWS Building and Bridge Code, ASME and other welding inspection codes as well as general flaw detection and evaluation. Fully complies with the requirements of SNT-TC-1A. 40 hours.
UT-I/II-SR Ultrasonic Testing of Rails and Rail Welding
  This combination Level I/II program is designed to meet the needs of Rail Inspectors. It includes all aspects of ultrasonic testing that relate to flaw detection in new and in-service rail, as well as, testing butt welds in rail. Fully complies with the requirements of SNT-TC-1A. 40 hours. Modified versions of this program are offered to meet your specific requirements.
UT-I-SG Ultrasonic Testing of Compressor Bolts and Connecting Rods
  This program is designed to train maintenance personnel working for Gas Pipeline Companies in testing head bolts of engines and compressors and can include inspection of connecting rod for fatigue cracks. This course is offered on a one and two-day basis as required. This course meets the intent of SNT-TC-1A for training Level I Inspectors.
UT-I-SC Ultrasonic Testing of Castings
  This is a modified version of the UT-I course. It focuses on the needs of the inspector in a steel or ductile iron foundry. It is offered as either a full 40-hour programs or abbreviated 24-hour program.
UT-I-SS Silver Braze/Bond Testing Program
  This course is offered to power plants with brazed babbitt thrust bearings and manufacturers of brazed and other bonded components, that require bond quality inspection. It is offered as a 40-hour or 16-hour in-plant program.
UT-II-SD Ultrasonic Flaw Sizing by the D.G.S. Method
  This program covers the Krautkramer DGS Method of flaw sizing. The concept of the method is described and students use the DGS method using DGS diagrams, screen overlays and digital instruments equipped with DGS software. The program is for Level I and II inspectors who must use the DGS method to comply with European codes and also for heavy equipment inspectors whoo need a method to size flaws in installed plant equipment. It is offered as a 40-hour or 16-hour in-plant program.
UT-I-SC Ultrasonic Crack Detection in Heavy Equipment and Bridges
  This course is for companies that have limited requirements such as Bridge Pin, extruder rods and bolts, etc. and do not need to meet certification requirements. Training hours vary from eight to forty depending on the application specifics.
UT-I/II-SW Ultrasonic Testing of Rail Car Wheels
  This program focuses on the requirements of the AAR and some Railroads for ultrasonic inspection of car wheels. This program can be held as an application specific 8-hour program or incorporated into the standard 40-hour program.